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Muchos gracias to the wonderful Rochelle at Scoops Westside for taking this pic for me at the Buttercup LA


As promised, more pics of the mural at Scoops Westside in Culver City! 


6/24/2012 A quick once-over of the walls after completing a mural at Scoops Westside in Culver City.


In the middle of painting.

Guess who’s back? 

Much has happened in the past year. I’m without a camera (webcam will do for now, right…?) and a tablet right now but I have been getting back into the swing of my art things. Re-blogs for now (from my main/personal blog). I’ve been experimenting with paint more - acrylic + canvas, acrylic on jars … and wall paint. The photo above is from Scoops Westside… will be posting a link to a quick video shot of the completed mural soon.